Vision Boarding

What do visionaries like Walt Disney, Bill Gates, or Martha Stewart have in common?  They are visionaries who turned their dreams into reality.  For some, the role of visionary comes easily.  However, most of us need tools to help design the future we want.  Vision boarding – the act of creating a vision board – is one such tool.

What is vision boarding? 

Do you want a happier, more directed overall life, or perhaps a new career path?  Are you looking to find a new home, plan your retirement, or improve relationships?  Creating a vision board is a tool anyone can use to define their dream answer to any one of these questions.  Through vision boarding, it is possible to use pictures, words, scissors, and a little glue, to take your dreams and desires from your conscious and unconscious mind, and then turn them into something real and tangible.

How does it work?vision_board_collage_thing_by_mikedirnt_02-d5582ld

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Images evoke emotions, thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  You are naturally attracted to some images over others.  By letting your imagination go and collecting pictures you respond to, you can gain insight into what you truly want.  This image collection, organized on a board as a collage and placed where you can see it every day, is a visual representation of your dreams and goals.  You can use your vision board to focus your energy on manifesting what you have imagined.  You know what you want and you can see it.

Making it Happen

A vision boarding session allows an individual or group dedicated time to focus in an environment free of distractions.  Length, location, and group composition are tailored to fit your needs.   Some ideas:

·         Corporate groups looking to create a vision for the product, project or team

·         Mothers and daughters planning for the high school and college years  

·         Partners looking to strengthen connection and forge a common future

·         Friends looking for an opportunity to have fun and share with each other

·         Individuals looking for some time to focus alone with a coach

You design your time. 

“There are two ways to look at a blank sheet of paper.  You can look at it as the most frightening thing in the world or as the greatest opportunity in the world…you can dream, create new things, let your imagination go.” 

Marty Sklar, President, Walt Disney Imagineering