My dad taught me to tell a good story, whether it was about an adventure to the mini-mart or selling ad space for the yearbook. Communication of most any kind is about telling that good story, so I learned to approach communication with creativity and fun, and put those concepts into everything I do. I love working with my clients to tease out their message then deliver it using everything from taglines to PowerPoint.  I have worked with a broad range of individuals, from artists, travel agents, and product managers to Fortune 500 CEOs, each with a particular set of needs for communicating and disseminating information. 

To help clients achieve their communication objectives, I use a comprehensive approach: Building the relationship, learning your business, and engaging in good old-fashioned listening, so that I can understand your vision and, ultimately, exceed your expectations. Whether you need to talk about a new flavor of soda or write a love letter, you can call on me.

My writing services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Web Content Development
  • Communications
  • Ghostwriting
  • Marketing Material
  • Presentation Development
  • Creative Writing